Prevent the use of illicit phones in prison with the ECM702 Multi-Channel Countermeasure unit

The ECM702 is a small portable unit designed to be used to inhibit the use or contact with all types mobilephones, within a specific area. The unit can operate using its internal battery for between 3-4 hours or for longer periods thorough the use of an external 12VDC power source. Six independent transmitters covering all GSM, 3G and 4G frequencies are connected to a special antenna array in the lid and allow the user to concentrate the countermeasure signals into areas of interest.

Each transmitter is programmed via a special app running on a Windows based PC.

Custody Establishments Can Benefit From Staff & Detainee Protection Solutions

The safety and security of staff and prisoners is imperative in enclosed situations and Intastop, a leading innovator and manufacturer of protection for doors, walls and people, supports safety and security policies across the prison, custody and remand sector.

Through a range of bespoke products that have been developed with key objectives in mind security of staff and detainees can undoubtedly be enhanced.

Fingerprint drug screen test works in just 10 minutes

New research published in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology shows how fingerprint-based drug screening can screen for the presence, or absence, of four classes of drugs of abuse.

The Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System enables the detection of four drug classes (amphetamines, cannabis, cocaine and opiates) from a single fingerprint sample in just ten minutes. Its use in coroner mortuaries demonstrates the value of the revolutionary system that is also being used in drug rehabilitation centres. Studies are also underway for its use in airport screening and for offender management applications within prisons and probation services.

Security doors can be accessed using smartphones

Stanley Security, one of the most trusted names in the world of security, has partnered with London-based security start-up Doordeck to launch a smartphone-based access control system. Stanley OneDoor can be used with existing Stanley access control products and rolled out to an entire building in under one hour, without the need for any new hardware.

Designed to be quick and simple to use, Stanley OneDoor removes the need for keycards and tags and all the management and associated costs that entails. Instead, users gain access via their smartphones through the app, ‘reading’ tiles using either a QR code, via the app, or an NFC chip – just like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Highly flexible, the system is secured with bank-level encryption and can also be used with traditional cards and tags where required.

National Chair welcomes Commissioner’s spit guard decision

National Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales John Apter has welcomed the decision by Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick to allow frontline Met officers access to spit and bite guards while policing the capital’s streets.

Government is failing a generation

The government is ‘failing a generation’ as the murder rate for young people rockets and stabbing deaths reach the highest level on record.

UK 'overwhelmed by explosion of violence as officers struggle to cope

New crime figures portray a country in the grip of a terrifying spiral of violence as an embattled police service struggles to cope, says the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) today.

Books For and By Prisoners - Going Straight

To my surprise one of our books was recently returned by a reviewer saying, ‘Little point right now, books are not getting to prisoners’. She explained that they are either being refused or held up by security due to the ease with which drugs can be imprinted on paper, so that in many prisons they have been stopped or are being photocopied with inbuilt delay given other priorities. I’ve no way of knowing if this is true or how general, whether just a few establishments or a wider approach. My call to the Ministry of Justice Press Office elicited first a denial, then a maybe and finally a promise to investigate how widespread the problem is. They’ve not yet come back.

Record Levels Of Self-Harm, Assaults & A Rise In Deaths

Commenting on the Ministry of Justice’s safety in custody statistics, published on the 31st January 2019, Mark Day, Head of Policy and Communications at the Prison Reform Trust, said: