Police Federation of England and Wales

News that overnight allowance is to be paid to all those eligible officers who will be working away from home as part of the policing operation for the American presidential visit has been welcomed.

Simon Kempton, Police Federation of England and Wales’ lead on mutual aid, said the news was positive, albeit should have been made at the outset of the planning process.

St George’s Crypt offers ROTL placements

The Custodial Review spoke to Tara McMillan, who is an offender supervisor at Nuture – a voluntary organisation based at St George’s Crypt in Leeds which offers ROTL placements to women in custody.

Here, Tara outlines the work which Nurture do with prisoners in order to boost their self-esteem and get them ready for work by normalising life on the outside.

Routine Arming Survey reports show that officers across England and Wales want better access to Tasers

Findings from the 2017 local Routine Arming Survey reports show that officers across England and Wales want better access to Tasers, which is supported by the Protect the Protectors campaign.

The local reports follow the national survey headline findings which were published last year.  

Stopping drones, the logical way.

Drones are increasingly being used to get contraband into prisons.

Adept drone pilots can deliver the contraband to designated cell windows or pre-designated drop of points with ease. Until now the solutions to stop these aerial deliveries have proved difficult and labour intensive.


Professional breathalysers used by HM Police, Prisons and National Probation services are required to meet today’s MEDACX standards and provide specifically required operational functionality to enable the various organisations to fulfil their duties.

MEDACX has been a supplier to the HM Government operations since 2005. The technology supplied is the AlcoQuant 6020 it has advanced functionality but most importantly it has accuracies that not just meet

Designplan illuminates HMP Berwyn

HMP Berwyn is a landmark prison in the UK.  HMP Berwyn accommodates 2,106 men and is a Category “C” prison which means it takes men who are low risk, quite often in the last stage of their sentence and identified as prisoners who want to change their lives.

The focus at HMP Berwyn is rehabilitation rather than incarceration.

ONE3ONE Solutions workshop

Technology company Unilink has signed a contract with the One3One Solutions, the commercial arm of Prison Industries part of the Ministry of Justice to open the first kiosk assembly workshop in a British prison.

Prisoners are building interactive kiosks for other prisoners to use. 

Sodexo - Janine McDowell, CEO of Sodexo Justice Services

Janine McDowell joined the Prison Service as an officer on an accelerated promotion scheme and subsequently worked in the public sector for 12 years. After the two years she moved from being a prison officer into increasingly senior operational roles. Her last public sector role was Deputy Governor of Feltham YOI. She joined Sodexo in 2001 and was the Director for HMP Bronzefield when it opened in 2004.

Though her career started in the public sector, the opportunity to open HMP Bronzefield saw Janine move to the private sector working with Sodexo. Janine was at HMP Bronzefield for five years, mobilising and establishing it from a green field site to full operation and was then offered the role of Director of Operations for Sodexo Justice Services. This made her responsible for all four prisons managed by Sodexo, which increased to five in 2013. 

In 2016, Sodexo took ownership of six community rehabilitation companies as part of the Government’s Transforming Rehabilitation reforms. Later that year Janine became the CEO of Sodexo Justice Services

Bravery Awards

Police officers who have demonstrated outstanding acts of bravery – including confronting terrorists, tackling murderers and rescuing people from freezing waters – will be honoured next month at the 23rd annual Police Bravery Awards.

Property fraud

Property is usually the most valuable asset people own, it can be sold and mortgaged to raise money and can therefore be an attractive target for Property fraud.

At HM Land Registry (HMLR) we provide advice as to how people in England and Wales can protect their property from fraud. Since 2009 we have ensured the integrity of the Land Register by preventing 275 fraudulent registrations with a combined property value of £132.4m.