Andy Robertson at the prison escape in Peterhead Prison

Andy Robertson, an escape artist whose specialty is escaping from locked prison cells, offers an insight into getting out of "impossible" situations…

Prison escapes in the UK are rare – but then how have so many prisoners over the years escaped out of seemingly high-security prisons all from the UK and other parts of the world? That’s the question that intrigued me, I had to know how they were getting out and whether it was by flaws in security, or skill, or just plain luck! 

Over many years I studied locks and doors used as well as the old and modern type prison and jail buildings. I spoke to many people from prison historians to those who were presently in the profession linked to prison security.  I also learned the skills and knowledge as an escape artist over many years from fellow escape artists, finally in 2017 I had the ability to escape any prison and I was soon to be challenged to prove it.

Picture: Paul Gaskin at HMP Doncaster, one of the prisons run by Serco on behalf of the Ministry of Justice

Serco announces that it has signed up to the national ‘Ban the Box’ campaign from Business in the Community (BitC), which is creating a fair chance for ex-offenders to compete for jobs and bringing down the £15 billion a year cost of reoffending.

In signing up to the campaign, Serco has agreed to ban the tick box from job application forms asking about unspent criminal convictions across its UK operations and has committed to considering applicants’ skills, experience and ability to do the job before asking about criminal convictions. This means that candidates with a criminal record can now apply for jobs with Serco with the knowledge that they will be assessed on their ability to do the job before any convictions are fairly considered.  

Elite Spider X 8.0 Tactical Uniform Boots

The Elite Spider X 8.0 tactical uniform boots are exceptionally breathable and comfortable uniform boots for men and women.

Rosie Hart, the director of Kairos Women Working Together

Rosie Hart, the director of Kairos Women Working Together, discusses with the Custodial Review the work which the small Coventry charity does to support women prisoners at risk of exploitation, including women in prostitution.

Could you outline the work you do with women in prisons?

Kairos Women Working Together (KairosWWT) is a grassroots charity in Coventry supporting women at risk of sexual exploitation, including those caught up in prostitution. We meet our service users through outreach and drop-in sessions that we run, as well as receiving referrals from probation services, prisons that know of our work and from other partner agencies locally.

Police Doctor

Doctor Meng AwYong works in Emergency Medicine, in pre-hospital care, as a forensic medical examiner for the Metropolitan Police and has co-authored the Royal College of Emergency Medicine Best Practice Guidance on the Management of ABD. Here, he outlines what is thought to be the most dangerous condition to affect detainees: ABD.

Mind charity at Emergency Services Show

Following the Emergency Services Show at the NEC in September, we spoke to Mahbu Rahman, Blue Light Programme Manager at Mind charity, about mental health issues among police officers...

A recent Mind survey of over 1,000 current or former staff or volunteers within the police force found that 93% had experienced stress, low mood and poor mental health at some point while working for the emergency services. Over 61% had experienced a mental health problem – such as depression, anxiety disorder, OCD, PTSD, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia – while working or volunteering in their current or previous role.

Hartlepool town where ‘police don’t come out’

A BBC report which highlights the harsh reality that budget cuts are having on frontline policing should stand as a ‘stark reminder to government’, argues National Chair John Apter.

The report revealed that there were barely enough officers to meet the demand on a busy Saturday night in Hartlepool, with two officers having to drive 15 miles to take a prisoner to Middleborough custody suite simply because the Hartlepool suite was not staffed.

police car

Friday the 23rd November was a key date in Police Federation's campaign to protect police drivers from being unfairly prosecuted simply for doing their jobs.

A Private Members Bill by the senior government backbencher, Sir Henry Bellingham MP, is due to receive its second reading at Parliament. His Emergency Response Drivers (Protections) Bill seeks greater exemptions from civil liability or criminal prosecution for blue light workers.

Police Federation responds to HMICFRS "Policing and Mental Health - Picking Up the Pieces" report

The Prime Minister and Home Secretary “should hang their heads in shame” says the National Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales as a highly critical report concludes that the mental health system in this country is broken and it is the police who are left to pick up the pieces.

The Headway brain injury ambassador Dominic Hurley speaks to Prince Harry

Brain injury charity Headway support people in the community following head traumas. Here, we speak to Headway’s James Coxon about the charity’s ID cards which can help aid communication between the brain injury survivor and police officers…

Headway – the brain injury association supports people affected by acquired brain injury through a wide range of services, including rehabilitation programmes, carer support, social re-integration, community outreach and respite care.