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  Technical specifications for The Custodial Review
To ensure that supplied artwork meets our requirements please note mechanical specification required.
      Full page advert
With 3mm bleed 216 mm W x 303 mm H
  1/2 page advert
Landscape 190mm W x 135 mm H
  1/4 page advert
Landscape 190 mm W x 65 mm H
Without bleed 210 W x 297mm H Portrait 92 mm W x 270 mm H Portrait 92 mm W x 135 mm H
  Supplied artwork. All finished artwork to be supplied in digital format either on CD or Zip Disk or via email:production@pirnet.co.uk in any of the following file formats: QUARK, ILLUSTRATOR, PHOTOSHOP, HIGH-RES PDF(.tif .jpeg .eps .pdf)  
The publishers provide a free design service from materials provided.

  If you require our production department to produce your advert please contact us on tel: 01234 348878 or email: production@pirnet.co.uk to discuss your requirements.  

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